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Types of Website Ideal Model of a website

  Benefits of having a website

A website can also be termed as a corporate e-identity over the Internet. It serves a host of functions:
Electronic Catalogue:

The website offers the convenience of displaying your entire product range for buyers to view. This is equivalent of displaying your virtual product literature. Addition & modification can be done at a very minimal cost as compared to a printed catalogue.

Corporate Image

The website also functions like your corporate communication on the Internet. You can display your entire company details like Management, Product details, Production facility, Latest news, R&D facility, Financial details, and other vital information for your various clients.

Round the clock access

The other greatest advantage of website is its round-the-clock accessibility. Buyers can view the desired information at his own leisure, even at unearthly hours. Besides, it also effectively defeats the handicap of latitude and longitude differences that give rise to time differences.

No geographical impediments
A buyer can effectively source information on a website from his residence or office PC. This automatically defeats the impediments posed by the geographical diversities. Therefore, no matter in which part of the globe your buyer is, he has instant access to your latest products or services offered.

Better speedy communication
Speed in communication is the greatest advantage of the Internet. People located two poles apart on this globe can exchange information within no time through this medium. Therefore the website facilitates immediate interaction with your buyers irrespective of the distance and geographical boundary.

Comparatively very economical

Unlike any other medium, the information once uploaded on the website can be regularly updated without incurring heavy additional expenses.


  Types of Website :

The limitations in the design of a website is limited to the creativity of the human mind. The greatest advantage a website offers in corporate communication is that it is a perfect blend of all the three major mediums of communication i.e. Print, Television and Radio. Therefore as far as the design is concerned - "The Sky is the Limit."

The design and size of the website is directly influenced by the nature of business of the client and the communication requirements. For e.g. a film or creative design studio could use very advanced flash or 3-D introduction on their Home Page. Where as you might find the Home page of an industrial product manufacturer very dry because of its static nature and extensive technical information.

The cost of developing a website is also directly dependent on the size and type of your website. A static website with minimal pages could be developed for a mere Rs. 4,500/- (US$ 90). While at the same time a site with advanced programming, 3D and flash introduction could run to a few thousands

The second factor that is influential in the cost of the website is the company or person you approach. Generally it is observed that the bigger the name, the higher the cost. However, there are exceptions to this belief.

Depending on the utility of the website it can be primarily categorized into 4 major categories. However, depending on the requirements it can be further categorized.
1) B2B (Business to Business website)
2) B2C (Business to Consumer website)
3) Informative website
4) Interactive website
B2B Website
This is the one of the most popular design for website among the various businesses. This website is designed to primarily function as a e-shop or brochure of your products and services. Here the client can browse through your entire product range and then make inquiries for the same through a direct email or other any mode of communication.

B2C Website
This can be said to be a more advanced version of B2B portal. It functions like a virtual market place facilitating online purchasing and selling. Since a great amount of security aspects are involved in this website the cost to develop this website is comparatively higher.

Informative Website
The major thrust of this website is dissemination of information. Such sites are basically designed with extensive information on a specific subject. Such sites are popularly used to provide information to people seeking information on a certain historical event, venue or geographical location… etc. The options are endless.

Interactive website

This website facilitates interaction between two people. The entire exchange of communication is executed in the written form. It is similar to chatting and receives overwhelming among the younger generation. Such sites are popularly designed for dating service providers, matrimonial agencies, call center service providers etc.


  Ideal Model of a website
Any website that downloads fast receives a special preference from the surfers. The speed in downloading is influenced by various factors like page size, Internet speed, image format, program used, the quality of the server etc. Preferably HTML format is very ideal for website designs. It commonly amounts to a file size that is less than 50KB and therefore enables faster downloading.

Easy navigation plays a key role in the success of a website. The surfer should not encounter any difficulty in accessing the different sections of the website.

The website should give complete information about the company and its products. Every product page should contain the complete information of Product i.e. its name, features, technical specification, advantages, prices, delivery time, terms of payment, contact details, variety of colors/sizes/materials etc. and any other information that could help the buyer make purchase decisions.

Depending on the importance of information dissemination, the website should ideally contain the following section

Home Page Company Profile Product Gallery Individual Product Pages
Trade Shows6 Factory Setup Research& Development Quality Control
News Room Management Contact Us Feed Back Form

  Why Aditya Infotech ?

With years of experience and the required infrastructure, Aditya Infotech can deliver what it promises. The company has to its credit development of over 1,000 websites of clients from diverse industries.

• A division of Netlink Solutions (India) Ltd., a company listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange
A Company listed on Mumbai Stock Exchange, with market capitalization of over 100 million.
• Over 1,000 websites successfully developed to date.
• Designs to choose from.
• A team of skilled professionals comprising of software engineers and designers.
• Complete solution provider for website development, portal, programming etc
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Contact us :Aditya Infotech. 507, Laxmi Plaza, Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400053. INDIA
Tel. : 91-22-26335583, 26335584 Fax : 91-22-26371746 Email.:

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