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 Website Development / Website Design

Aditya Infotech from India has to date developed over 1,000 Websites for a wide variety of clients. From a static Website Development to ones with extensive flash presentation and design, Aditya Infotech has done it all. It has successfully done Website design and website development for companies like Indokem Ltd. (Khatau Group), Samrat Pharmachem Ltd., Khadi Village & Industries Commission (KVIC), National Agriculture Bank etc. to name a few in India.

The company has some of the finest talents in the industry backed by an equally complementing experience for Website design and website development. The company has full-fledged team of visualizes, to design the website as per the business theme of client; designers to make Website in user friendly layout; programmers to make dynamic content pages & response forms.

What is a Website Design? Various costs involved. Website design Packages.

 What is a Website Design ?

Internet can be said to be the latest revolution in the communication scenario. A Website is equivalent of having your virtual office or shop on the Internet. It works 24 hours, 365 days for you and also serves as your corporate identity. You can inform buyers or clients not just in India, but throughout the world about your products and services without actually incurring heavy expenses. It is like an electronic company & product profile.

The Website offers you the flexibility of uploading your entire product range in the form of attractive Color Images with incurring escalating costs. This helps your buyers or clients to get the actual visual feel of your products. Besides you also have the flexibility of regularly updating your latest products development at your description without incurring recurring costs.

In short, Website has a advanced and speedy communication instrument facilitating better business opportunities.


 What are the costs involved in a Website development ?

Domain Name Charges
The domain name registration charges of a Website is dependent on the extension you wish to opt for. Please refer our Domain Registration section for more details.
".com /.net /.org" extension will cost Rs. 750/- p.a. (US $ 15)
".biz" extension will cost Rs. 1000/- p.a. (US $ 20)
".co.in" extension will cost Rs. 3000/- for two years minimum. (US $ 60)
Website Design, development and Hosting charges
This cost is totally dependent on the design and programming involved. Our Website packages starts from Rs. 4,500/- (US$ 90).
Server Space Charges
This cost is calculated on the amount of space consumed by your Website. For further details refer our Hosting section.

Recurring Costs

The cost of design and design are one time costs. However, the domain name charges and server space charges are recurring and need to be renewed on annual basis. Please visit our domain name registration & hosting section for renewal charges.


 Why Aditya Infotech ?

With years of experience and the required infrastructure, Aditya Infotech can deliver what it promises. The company has to its credit Website development and design of over 1,000 clients from diverse industries in India and overseas.

A division of Netlink Solutions (India) Ltd., a company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
  with market capitalization of over 270 million.
Over 1,600+ Websites design and design to date.
Over 250 designs to choose from.
• A team of skilled professionals comprising of software engineers and designers.
• Complete solution provider for Website development, design, portal programming etc.

 Website Delopment Packages
No. of Images
No. of Pages*
Server Space
Total Server Space
Web Space
Mail Space
5 MB
5 MB
10 MB
Rs. 7,000/-**
(US$ 151)
10 MB
10 MB
20 MB
Rs. 9,000/-**
( US$ 195)
15 MB
15 MB
30 MB
Rs. 11,000/-**
(US$ 240)


 Demo Web Sites :-
  » Customized
               - 4500/- www.rajdeepmetals.com
               - 6000/- www.steveholidays.com
                     - 8500/- www.vaishalibookcentre.com

 *      A-4 size page
 **     Your own domain, Customized Website
 ***    Your own domain, Optimized Website
 ****   Under sub domain, Optimized Website

 The above Packages Include

Website Registration with personalized domain name (www.yourwebsite.com)
Web Hosting
Website Development & Design.
(xyz@yourwebsite.com) For setup
Data transfer allowed per month - 100 MB
Data transfer slots available ( Per Month )

250 MB - Rs. 250/-
500 MB - Rs. 350/-
1 GB     - Rs. 500/-

 Note :-

 1. Minimum allocation of mail space would be 1 MB per e-mail account and in multiplication of the
     same. Exceeding the
     allocated space would result in bounce back of e-mails.
 2. Any updation or deletion in e-mail accounts would be @ Rs. 50/- per change.
 3. Additional pages (per page) - Rs. 250/-.
 4. Additional images (per image) - Rs. 50/-.
 5. Pop-up page
    • Image enlargement - Free of Cost.
    • Image with description Rs. 50/- per page.
 6. Website State's Report Rs. 250/- p.a.
 7. Flash work (if any) - additional charges based on work involved.
    [ We strongly recommend to avoid flash work since it is against search
     engine's criteria giving negative marks to site. ]

 Any queries / problems regarding any of the above mentioned points should be
 sent to customercare@adityainfotech.com .
 No instructions would be encouraged verbally.

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  Design Company

Contact us :Aditya Infotech. 507, Laxmi Plaza, Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400053. INDIA
Tel. : 91-22-26335583, 26335584 Fax : 91-22-26371746 Email.: info@adityainfotech.com

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