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 SEO- The Keyword Game

When you check your web traffic and analyze it, you may know that you are enticing more visitors to your website than prospective customers. It means that even if you are getting more traffic on your site (and your content and services are well presented), a very small number can be converted to sales.

If more sales are your website’s goal, then the problem might be "keywords" you have chosen.A visitor or prospective customer - is one who finds you as he is searching for some information, but is not willing to buy yet. They usually use generic terms while searching, like 'computers' or 'new computers' because they are not sure of what they want, but are interested in getting detailed information. Let’s take an example, John is wants to buy a computer, but don’t know which one to buy, or what features he needs or wants. John uses a generic search term like 'computers' or 'new computer' and finds endless listings… from the computer’s definition, to an online computer shop, to a site selling used computers, to a website providing user’s reviews on computer, to a computer enthusiast’s blog, and even a YouTube video about the best computer one can buy. John browses some of these websites to find more information so that he can make an informed decision.Now if your website was selling computers, and you rank better for the keywords that John used, then he would have looked through your website, and the website providing user reviews on best computers, and an eBay link for computer for sale... By the time John decides on which computer to buy, and what features he wants most, you have lost a prospective buyer today.

Now let’s take another example, Paul wants more web traffic on his site that sells designer clothes online. He is looking for a Search Engine Optimization expert who can help him achieve this. Paul has a tight budget and wants to read up some information on search engine optimization in order to select the right Search Engine Optimization Service expert for his online business. Paul’s needs are quite specific. If he uses the words like 'how to hire a Search Engine Optimization expert' in the search box, he finds a link to an article on your site that provides tips to find the right SEO expert. He finds this information quite useful, and finds his way to your SEO page and order form. Paul might have use SEO expert in India if he was looking for outsourcing his SEO requirements to Mumbai, India (as he knows that outsourcing to India is economical.) Since the visitor reaches your website with a specific requirement, and has used a specific keyword phrase to reach you, and your page solves the query of the buyer, the chances of your sale conversion go high.

The only difference between the buyer and the shopper is the search phrase that they use. The buyer used long phrases (3 to 5 words phrases), while the shopper used a short keywords (1 or 2 word phrases).  The shorter keywords are the shoppers and longer keywords are the buyers –that’s the common SEO saying. And this makes lot of sense when you know the different requirements of both these segments and how they look for you. Therefore search engine optimization is a game of right keywords.

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