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 Google Page Rank Concept

When you have a professional looking and brand new website launched and ready for the people to view it, the use of link exchanges will be an effective way to attract high quality traffic to your website and offer content to your readers which is useful to them. Unfortunately, a newly designed ad developed website invites a number of barriers that you must check before process of reciprocal linking becomes an easy. Know how to find these hurdles up front and you will break through the PR 0 barriers.

Why I am having a PR of 0?Google Page Rank (PR) is offered to websites in about once every quarter to decide their level of importance on a scale of 1-10. PR is determined by many factors, most of it is kept very secret by Google. It is during this time when Google has yet to rank your website that you will show a PR of 0 in the firefox Google toolbar.Why PR of 0 Matters?One of the aspects of back linking to websites that largely affects the quality of your PR is the pages quality you are linked to. For example: linking your computer parts website to pet food websites will not  boost up your PR due to lack of relevance, but if you link to many other websites that are computer related, it will lift your PR in the right direction.Many webmasters look at website's PR request before they finish a link exchange fearing that a low PR will bring page rank down of their website. Though this is not the fact, it is a barrier you must overcome.How to do it?Unfortunately, the PR of 0 cannot be changed until page ranks are updated by Google, but you can push through the next few months by doing the following:1. Run numbers. There are many tools available to reduce the burden of manually finding the link partners. It is suggested that using one of these can help you find a large pool to begin with. Each day set a goal to send a determined number of link requests. Look for 50 matches, sort it by website title for relevance and apply to the link exchange forms that match your content. Even if one response you get in a day, you are building reciprocal links of quality.2. Relationships. If a Webmaster is known to you with a website related to yours, send a request for a link exchange. Owners of many websites are ready to help if they know the website quality.

3. Send out articles to build one-way links, or by building a profile on high traffic sites like MySpace or posting in newsgroups. Commenting in newsgroups or on high traffic websites and adding a comment about your website in your signature file (ensure the link is active) will get you back links to your site from those web pages.

To have PR of 0 initially is a reality that all webmasters have to face, but if you go ahead, with building a network of quality link exchange, you will be surprised when Google updates its page rank. Don't get frustrated and never and give up. You will be in a position to gain reciprocal links to other sites with quality content that your readers will appreciate and value. This will provide a steady stream of web traffic from your partner sites, and a content rich site as well.


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