POP Email Account Instructions

If you have been allocated an email account by Aditya Infotech, these are instructions to help you set it up.

We are going to explain how to set up your POP mail account using Outlook Express , but the same details can be applied to Microsoft Outlook and Netscape also.

As an example we are using a live account id which has been registered by us. You can use your id for the purpose. After opening Outlook Express, cancel all operations that it is trying to run and click 'Tools' then 'Accounts'.

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Click 'Add' then 'Mail'.

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Insert your name in the dialog box that appears. Click 'Next'.

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Insert your email address.

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At the heading 'Email Server Names', ensure that the incoming mail server is an 'POP' server.
Incoming mail server(POP3,IMAP,HTTP) server : 'mail.easy2source.com'
Outgoing mail (SMTP)server : mail.easy2source.com
Ensure that you have typed in the correct server name here otherwise you will be able to receive email, but not send it. Click 'Next'

Now enter your login and password details as shown below

Account name : himanshu@easy2source.com and the password related to this id... Click on 'Next'. Then click 'Finish'.

Once you finished this, close the set up window and click on the 'easy2source.com' mail server in the left hand window in Outlook Express. From here you can select which folders you want to download, usually you will need all of them. It is also advisable that you also adjust your email options by going to 'Tools' then 'Options'. Some of the important ones are mentioned below:

  • General Settings - select "When starting, go directly to my Inbox" General Settings - select "Check messages every 10 minutes"
  • Maintenance Settings - select "Empty messages from the 'Deleted Items' folder on exit"

Another important setting in Outlook Express is needed to be completed by going to 'View' then 'Current View' in your menu bar, and then completing the following: (Make sure that the folder 'Inbox' is selected.)

  • Check "Show all Messages"
  • Uncheck "Show Deleted Messages"

It should also be noted that you can use more than one email account with Outlook Express. For example, you can have your existing email account open with your new POP email account open below it. If you are also using an email alias as your email address, you can notify Aditya Infotech of how you would like your email aliases linked to your accounts. To make sure the SMTP settings are correct, please follow the procedure as per the illustration below. The SMTP is an authenticated SMTP so it needs certain specific settings to be done. Right click the account just created (easy2source.com) and click on the properties. Go to Acccount Settings under the "Server" Tab and make use of the smtp server as mail.easy2source.com. You should make sure that you enable "My server requires authentication". Then click on the settings button and put the details as illustrated below.


SIZE=2>NOTE: To view sent files and to have a copy of same you have to view into default folders of outlook express{reads as outlook today(personal folders)}instead of viewing the sent folder of your domain.

SIZE=3>While using Microsoft Outlook the following steps are to be followed:

SRC="images/email_oshot1.gif" WIDTH=300>

Select 'Add a new Email Account'. Click 'Next'.

Select the Server type as 'POP' . Then click 'Next'.

In the Internet E-mail Settings (IMAP) incorporate following changes

User information:
Your name(display name) : Himanshu
Email Address : himanshu@easy2source.com
Server Information:
Incoming mail server (IMAP) : mail.easy2source.com
Outgoing mail server(SMTP) : mail.easy2source.com


Logon Information
User Name : himanshu@easy2source.com
Password : ........ (related to this email id)

Click on 'More Settings' button and do the following changes Click Outgoing Server
Enable check box which says "my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
Then click radio button which says " Log on using"
User name himanshu@easy2source.com
Password ........ (related to this email id)
Click ok

Now click on Advanced tab
Increase the duration of server timeouts by increasing tab on parallel line- click ok

You return to the 'Email Accounts Dialog box'. Click ok.
then click finish button (which says congratulations!........................)

Now go to inbox of your email account(mentioned under folder list)
right click or go to tools and select POP folder options-
It will open wizard window which reads as POP folders

Click Query- it will download all the folders (necessary somehow)
now disable the check box which reads "When displaying hiearchy in outlook, show only subscribed folders"
click apply and then okNow it is ready to work
Two important things to be noted
To delete email from your id - you have to delete first- then go to edit section and click on purge deleted messages
secondly to view sent files and to have a copy of same you have to view into default folders of microsoft outlook {reads as outlook today(personal folders)}instead of viewing in the sent folder of your domain.

While using Netscape Communicator follow the steps given below (We will be using the same example used earlier):

Choose Preferences from Edit menu. Select "Mail Server" from "Mail & Newsgroups" folder shown in the left hand frame of the dialog box.

Click "Add" . In the Mail Server Properties dialog box enter the informations as follows: Server Name : mail.easy2source.com
Server Type : IMAP Server
User Name : minesh@easy2source.com

Click "OK" to return to the "Preferences" dialog box.
Outgoing (SMTP) mail server : "mail.easy2source.com"
Outgoing mail server user name : "minesh@easy2source.com".
Then click "OK".
Now its ready to work.Now when you click "Inbox" or any of the other folders, it will prompt you to enter the password. Enter your email password and continue.

Trouble Shooting

  • New Folders can be created, but sub-folders cannot. You might need to customise the toolbar buttons and add the button called 'Stop'. This allows you to stop downloading an email that might have a large file attached to it.
  • If you delete a message and the message is still shown with a line through it and a cross next to it, you might want to hide your 'deleted messages' as mentioned above.

As an alternative option to retrieving POP email through Outlook Express or Netscape, you can also retrieve your mail by simply opening any web browser and going to http://www.easy2source.com. Here you can type in your username and password and then retrieve or send your email via the web.